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Each business’ janitorial needs are different. This is why we customize each contract to offer you the best service. Specifically catered to what your business needs

"Best Janitorial service in the city!
Always prompt and professional. At, we work in an industry where privacy matters. Vitaly's Janitorial Treats our offices with privacy and respect that our clients and we deserve. If you are looking for a trusted Janitorial provider, look no further !!!"

"Keeping our store clean is essential in order to present our products to our customers. Vitaly's Janitorial Services always delivers timely, friendly service and is always pleasant in communication. Thanks for taking care of our cleaning needs!"

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"I know how important it is to my clients that I keep their interiors clean while working on their cars. That is why Vitaly's Janitorial Services is our go-to when it comes to keeping our office area clean, Sanitized and ready to welcome our customers.
Luba, a special thank you for the extra care and attention."

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